Over 15 Years


Diary of a Cleaning company

Diary of a Cleaning Company in Limerick and Dublin

So what I want to do is give you an idea of the kind of week that our business is as we provide a huge amount of cleaning services to businesses and homes around the city and county of Limerick county. An idea of the kind of business that we do and an idea of the work that we do is something we thought that you might be interested in so we’re going to give you an idea of the diary that we have in the previous week.

Because we provide window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning services. We also provide office cleaning and we also provide between lettings cleaning to a number of our clients.

Our clients include domestic customers and they include offices and estate agents in Limerick and Dublin we have in the past provided services to hotels one of our clients in the past has been the Tifco hotel group so they would have operated the Clontarf Castle Hotel the Crowne Plaza hotels at one stage they were managing the Burlington hotel DoubleTree hotels and we’ve done work in the past also for Clayton hotels.

More and more of our clients come back to us because we provide on-time quality cleaning services and that’s what’s important to us we must provide our operatives on-site on time one of the best things that we’ve ever heard from our domestic customers especially is when our operatives turn up on time that our customer turns around and says you’re here?  that’s a question they ask us, they say you’re here on time, they say nobody ever turns up on time and that’s one of the most important things for us to be able to provide our cleaning services on time and that’s why we say service with responsibility.

Cleaning plus is a business that has come together from over 15 years of experience in the industry we call it cleaning plus because it’s not just cleaning that we provide when we talk about cleaning with responsibility it means that we take responsibility

  1. for the work that we’re doing and
  2. If we notice something that may be amiss if we notice a scratch on the floor we’re not gonna overlook it we’re gonna bring it to your attention
  3. if we notice that something hasn’t been done maybe by another contractor and we feel that it is something that you might need to know well then we’re gonna bring that to your attention its service with responsibility

When cleaning up sometimes there is a property belonging to the past tenants that are left and some of this can be important it can be belonging to tenants that have lived there in the past.  

Now,  our brief is to clean out the property but at times we would recognize items that maybe are a little bit more important than things that may need to go on the bid we’ll bring that to our customer’s attention. So we treat each property in the best way possible as if it’s our own and we will keep ours informed of the level of service that we are providing and exactly what we would recommend being done should there be an area that we feel could be improved in the time that we are there.

So when we look at our diary from last week there was loads and loads of different work done we were out in annacotty at one stage and we were cleaning carpets for a customer there those that customer came from an ad that we were running on Google, They called us they found that we provided the services that they were looking for and they called us looking for a quotation now we do give quotations over the phone because most people when they ring a cleaning company for a domestic job is it carpet cleaning, window cleaning,  or any cleaning service they’re most likely ringing to get a price. We do attempt to give prices over the phone sometimes we can get it wrong. Now some things have happened in the past we’ve heard about bait and switch companies those companies that would charge you €20 for a job when they turn up they charge you 60 euros

Cleaning plus does not do that,  cleaning plus is a reputable company that will provide you with the pricing as close as possible,  maybe on the day if there is any change in that price you will be informed before the job starts that’s what’s important to us to give competitive realistic prices to our customers.

So that’s just one service we were in annacotty we were then over in Croom Co Limerick providing window cleaning, we use what is called a reach and wash window cleaning service window cleaning equipment that means that we can reach windows to five floors from the ground now we try to attempt to do anything that is above three floors with a cherry picker because when you’re using a reach and wash system with poles you’re better off getting up and close to the glass but again we were traveling out to Croom to provide window cleaning services to a domestic client.

All during the week, we were providing cleaning services to our office cleaning clients we have several offices that we clean in the evenings our staff would go in after everybody has left, and they would clean the offices from changing bins to wiping down desks to cleaning bathrooms to changing toilet rolls in the toilet so that when the staff walked back into their offices they are walking into a clean office on a Monday morning.  

These are just some of the services that Cleaning Plus provide to their clients and busy week we had to provide providing those services about city and Limerick county and able to provide them

If you would like to get in touch with the cleaning plus please do call us on 086 395 9146