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Contract Cleaning Limerick

In any business, first impressions mean a lot. A clean and perfectly tidy office gives the impression of professionalism that will leave a positive impression on your clients and visitors. A clean office also creates a positive ambiance and boosts productivity and morale of our employees which is exactly why daily contract cleaning is so important. 

Cleaning Plus provides contract cleaning services in Limerick.  We provide professional contract cleaning for your commercial and residential premises.

For reliable, professional and affordable Contract Cleaning.

Skilled Cleaners:

Our cleaners are fully qualified, trained and insured, and will clean your space efficiently, thoroughly and professionally. They are punctual, courteous and will follow a systematic approach to clean your office flawlessly. 

Daily Contract Cleaning Service:

At Cleaning Plus, our customers are our priority. We aim to provide you with professional, friendly service and expert advice. Over the years, we have accumulated contracts from companies, hotels, offices and so much more.

We understand how important a clean and tidy office is for your employees and for your business. We personalize a cleaning solution to meet your requirements. So if you have a specific requirement your daily office cleaning, let us know and we will do what is needed to keep your office space clean.