Over 15 Years


Professional Window Cleaning Service

No longer do you have to worry about dirty and smudged windows.  At  Cleaning Plus we will enhance your view with the best window cleaning team and equipment. We are the leading professional window cleaning service in Ireland. We tackle all the dirtiest and risky windows for some of the tallest buildings right across Ireland. When we have finished your windows, you will be shocked when the light streams into your home or office building.

We are available 7 days a week for 365 days per year. With our service will blast away years’ worth of accumulated dirt and debris with our modern cleaning system.

For reliable, professional and affordable Window Cleaning.

Our professional window cleaning service is effective because:

Our experienced technicians along with modern cleaning equipment will allow us to clean those hard to reach places easily

We will use purified water as it repels dirt, mineral deposit, streaks or speck so that the glass will maintain its cleanliness for longer than usual

Provide an efficient, chemical-free window cleaning service

All technicians are insured and certified, and locally based

We will clean just about any commercial or domestic windows from conservatory, glass roofs, Velux and skylights. We will get your window clean so you will have a clear and enhanced view