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5 Tips to clean your windows like a pro

Keeping your home and, even, office windows clean is important. Windows trap a lot of dust and pollutants every day which can lead to bacterial build-up if not cleaned regularly. Clean windows also instantly brighten-up the entire place.

Hence, you must clean your windows at least once a week to maintain good cleanliness standards. If you don’t have the time to do so, you can even hire a team of professionals to do the job. In fact, it is highly recommended that you get a professional team to clean your windows once in like three months even if you do a regular cleaning.

You don’t need to be an expert to do regular cleaning; a few tips and the right materials are all you need to get sparkling clean windows.

Here are 5 tips that can help you regularly clean your windows like a pro –

  1. Don’t use harsh chemicals

You don’t really need to use harsh chemicals to get the best effect. Not only are such chemicals harsh on the environment but they also often leave residue on the windows. All you need is a liquid detergent to clean your windows on a regular basis.

  • Avoid over-polishing your windows

People often make this mistake. Avoid over-polishing your windows; any professional cleaner will be able to tell you that over-polishing windows will only lead to streak marks which are even more difficult to remove.

  • Invest in the right tools

You don’t need to buy a lot of expensive equipment to clean your windows; however, purchasing a reasonably priced but good quality squeegee will go a long way. It is a tool that is used to absorb the water off the windows. It can make your job a lot easier.

  • Pay attention to the edge of the windows

Often streak marks and smudges appear on the edge of the windows. Pay special attention to this when cleaning your windows. Wipe-off the edges very carefully with a soft cloth to get that smudge-free look.

  • Use the right technique

Well, obviously you are not a professional but there are a few easy tips and tricks that you can use to clean your windows with skill. One such way is to wipe your windows with your squeegee in an ‘S’ shape. It is an effective way of getting a smudge-free window.

Hire a Professional to Clean Your Windows!

It is important to clean your windows every now and then to maintain a safe, healthy and beautiful environment in your home. However, our busy lives often make it impossible.

If you have also been neglecting cleaning your windows or carpets or other things in and around your home, then we advise you to hire a professional cleaner.

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