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Is Your Carpet Clean and Safe?

A carpet is a beautiful addition to any home. It is also a very practical piece of furnishing because not only does it add a touch of style but also provides warmth and comfort. However, keeping a carpet clean is also a herculean task.

Almost every homeowner will vouch for this – a carpet can get dirty quickly and easily; and, to clean a dirty carpet is a tiresome task.

However, what many homeowners don’t realise is the extent to which their carpet is dirty. Even a seemingly good-looking carpet can be dirty to an extent that it might no longer be safe for the people living in the house.

A recent survey by the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) revealed some startling facts about carpets, such as –

  1. Over 70% of people admitted that they bring mud into their house, knowingly or unknowingly. Your carpets trap not just this mud but everything that comes with it including dust, mould, and even bacteria. Such pollutants can trigger allergies or even lead to diseases, especially, in children and the elderly.

  2. Over 34% of people admitted that they have on more than one occasion changed baby nappies on the carpet; and, many revealed that on at least one occasion their carpets have been exposed to blood, urine, or vomit. The amount of germs and bacteria that your carpet has been exposed to in such a situation is unimaginable.

  3. On average, 2 in 5 people revealed that they regularly exercise on their carpets. In such a situation, your carpet is absorbing all the sweat and if you don’t clean it properly and frequently, it could lead to bacteria build-up.

  4. Many homeowners have pets (often, more than once as well) and it is common for pets, like dogs, to shed hair or even tread poop on the carpets. It is important to clean your carpets thoroughly, whenever something like this happens otherwise it can cause germs and bacteria to build up.

  5. Many people also admitted that now and then they spill a drink or drop some food on the carpet. Over 34% also admitted that they have many times picked up and eaten food that has fallen on the carpet.

These startling facts reveal why it is important to thoroughly and regularly clean your carpets so that you can create a safe and sound environment for everyone in your family including young children, the elderly, and, even, the pets!

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