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Carpet Cleaning Limerick

Carpet Cleaning Limerick

We Provide professional carpet cleaning services to our clients in Limerick and the surrounding areas. There are a number of carpet cleaners in the Limerick area providing similar services but they are not all the same, Make sure that they have the experience using and providing cleaning services. Removing stains can be very specialised depending on the type of stain or the age of the stain can mean success or failure in its removal.

We use a 5 Stage professional cleaning methodology to clean every carpet and treat stains so that you will get the best results.

We Vacuum the carpet, Prespray the Carpet with a professional cleaning solution, Agitate that solution into the carpet and allow it to dwell. So that it can attach itself to the dirt and stains in your carpet and then we extract out the cleaning solution along with the dirt , leaving the carpet clean and fresh.

The carpet will take a couple of hours to dry when we have finished.